For some broadband routers, a default IP address is Here are some manufacturers that use it: Belkin, Edimax, Siemens, etc. Although it is not necessary to know your router’s default IP address, sometimes it could be useful stuff to know, especially if you want to advance your network security.

IP as Default IP Address

Generally, routers possess two IP addresses: one public and one private. Every device which is connected to the public network (the Internet) needs to have a public IP address. It is globally unique one and it is assigned by some Internet service provider. On the other hand, private IP address is necessary for all devices within private, local networks. Private IP addresses don’t have to be globally unique but only unique within the local network. That’s why there is a limited number of them. There are specific ranges from which it can be chosen and assigned to devices. is one of those private IP addresses. It can be the default IP address for some routers which means that manufacturer has chosen that particular IP address. However, it can be changed into any other private IP address instead (for example into or None of these is in any relevant sense better than any other.

How Can Default IP Address Be Useful For Other Purpose?

Although IP addresses are generally used as one of the most important elements that make data traffic possible at all, default IP addresses of routers can be used as an additional tool.

If you would like to connect to the administrative console of your router, you will need its default IP address. You mightwonder why you should do that at all. The answer is that it is the way of how you could access the router’s settings. You can change or adjust many different things that are linked with working of router and local network such as security options, LAN settings, WAN settings, proxy, MAC, etc.

How to Connect to Router Administrative Console

You will be glad to hear that connecting to administrative console of your router is not difficult at all. You can do that with your computerusing any Internet browser. You just need to enter the default IP address of your router in the address bar of the browser. For example, if router IP address is you will enter that into the address bar as to look like this: Be careful and don’t write something like this:http://www., it won’t work.

After that, you will be encountered by a login page where you will need to write username and password. Every manufacturer has its own default username and password. The most common default username is “admin” with no password (that means you just need to leave it blank). If this doesn’t work, you can easily find the right combination on the Internet. You just need to mention your router brand.

After you find the correct username and password you will be in the situation to successfully log in.

Security of Your Network

One of the most important things that you can manage on router’s administrative page is security options. Because a router is a mediator between a local and public network (the Internet), a whole local network is exposed to many dangers. That means that all devices that are connected to a local network and all data that travel through that network depend on router security settings. That’s why you should pay attention to it.

One of the problems with routers that support a Wi-Fi Internet connection is that any device inside the range of it can connect to the network with ease. So, you can have unplanned guests. The main danger of this is the fact that these guests don’t have just access to the Internet connection but also to all data from any device that is already connected to the local network.

To prevent this you can change your network name and make a password for it. However, this will just prevent those who accidentally connect to your network.

The Much better thing is to change username and password of your administrative page of the router. As you have already seen, the default username and password are very easy to find on the Internet. Changing them will disable anyone to be able to work with your network settings.

It is also a good thing to change your default IP address of the router. We have seen that default IP address enable you to get to the login page. And because it is very easy to find which default IP address is the correct one for certain router, changing it is another layer of security. You can choose any private IP address as the substitution. You can just change the last two digits or you can take some IP address from the totally different range of IP addresses.

For example, if your router’s IP address is you can change it into any from the range between and The same is true for the converse situation. Anyway, it won’t no change working of your router or network at all. It is just important to avoid possible IP address conflict which emerges when two devices have the identical IP address.