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Generally speaking, is a private IP address. It is usually used as IP address for routers. For some of them, it is a default IP address.

What Is An IP Address?

The IP address is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol address. It is an important element in internet trafficking. It would be impossible for some information to be sent from one device to the other through the Internet without it.

Just as an address in any other context, an IP address is used for identifying and locating certain elements. In this very context, these elements are devices such as computers, routers, printers, self-phones, tablets, etc. If they should be somehow connected, they need to have addresses. Using them, there could be established certain kind of data traffic so some data could be shipped from one device to the other.

For example, if you want to send some document from your computer to the other, there need to be some connection between these two computers. For the document to be sent there must be an address of the device that should receive it (the second computer) and the device that should send it (the first computer). So, addresses are very important in this process since they represent nodes in the network of interconnected devices.

An example of an IP address is, although it could be converted into a form that is readable by humans (for example www.wikipedia.org).

Public and Private IP Addresses

There are two types of IP addresses: public and private.

Public addresses are those ones that are suitable for communication between hosts on global Internet. Because of that, public IP addresses have to be unique ones. Otherwise, there would be more than one device at the same address. In this situation, the problem would be the fact that some data couldn’t be shipped to the specific receiver device.

On the other hand, private IP addresses are used within private networks which are usually suitable for homes, offices, and enterprise local area networks. Information from private IP addresses cannot be transferred through the public network directly and that is why these addresses don’t need to be globallyunique ones. However, they need to be unique within the private network in order to avoid an IP address conflicts. as Private IP Address for Routers

IP addresses that are included in the range between and are reserved for private IP addresses. This is one of three blocks of IP addresses that are reserved for this purpose.

Because is from mentioned range of IP addresses, it is a private IP address. In most cases, it is a private IP address for routers. Another name for this address, if it is used for the router, is the gateway. The reason for this is the fact that router is the gateway to the Internet for various devices that rely on it.

Theoretically, any device could be addressed as, not just routers. But commonly it is not the case because of the possibility of IP address conflicts.

For some kinds of routers such as Linksys router, is the default gateway. This means that this IP address was designed as router’s private IP address when it had been manufactured. The administrator has to know this IP address when he/she setting up it for the first time. However, the administrator can change it eventually.

Why Is It Important to Know Default IP Address of Your Router?

There are two main benefits that you can get by knowing your router’s private IP address (in our case

Firstly, you need to know this address if you want to get access to the router setup. You can easily go to the setup page using Internet browser. In the address bar, you just need to type After that, you will have to fill in the username and the password. If you do that for the first time for a particular router than default login data are as following: there is no entry for the username and the password is “admin”. When you successfully log in, you will be in a position to set up the wireless safety mode, to change the name of the network, etc.

Secondly, maybe you would be in a situation where you will be compelled to reset your router to its factory defaults. This could be the case if your router has constant working problems or if you just forgot login information. After resetting the router by holding the reset button for 10 seconds, you will have to use its default IP address ( to set up the router again in the way it is described earlier.


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    how to find the network name or SSID and password

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    The admin panel can be accessed on most Linksys routers by entering “”

  7. Guido

    Your username and password are both ‘admin’

  8. Rich

    In the basic system setup window

  9. Susan

    WiFi modem allows you to configure various settings

  10. laurie

    You should be prompted to login with a username and password

  11. debb

    Type the device’s user name and password

  12. Magers

    Open IE or Netscape Web browser

  13. Toddy

    Input user name and password, then click Login key to enter WEB setting

  14. Burch

    into the address bar

  15. Deyna

    in Internet Explorer after connecting the router

  16. aldis

    just leave the box empty and the default Password is “admin”

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    default IP address used by Linksys routers

  18. Rita

    I want to make a minecraft server,help!

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    as four decimal numbers separated by periods (such as

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    Router, Gateway, User, Password

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    may be asked to “unlock” the router with a user name and password

  22. Monique

    user name: admin and password admin

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    you didn’t change the default password

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    Login to the ADSL Router

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    change your wireless password so no one can connect to your internet

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    There are two ways how to access the setup

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    Select Network>WLAN>SSID Settings

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    username and password should both be admin

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    You will receive a temporary password

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